Mokarrameh Museum

About Us

House-Museum of Mokarrameh Ghanbari was the house that she was living in it. After her loss, her children decided to bury their mother in the yard side.
Her children also decided to keep the doors open to visitors from all around the country; thus, the old village house became a House-museum.
The house has two old rooms with paintings on the walls and two new rooms (added after 2005) for festivals and seminars.

Mr. Ali Bolboli:

Son of mother Mokarrameh -Painter, Sculpture, and Songwriter Tehran university of art (1990). he is the manager of the Museum since 2005. He discovered his mother’s interest in art, and he was her incentive from the early days of this long journey.

Alireza Heidari: 

Master of mechanical engineering, Researcher in folk language and art, enthusiasm in philosophy and technology. Strategy consultant at Mokarrameh museum.

Zahra Ghafourifar: 

Medical Doctor, women rights activist. Speaker at Mokarrameh museum.

NFT Product manager

Hosein Kazemi: 

Product manager at Mokarrameh museum.