Mokarrameh Museum

About Mokarrameh


Mother Mokarrameh was born in 1928 in a village in the north of Iran.

She was forced to marry a man 30 years older than her as the second wife. She raised nine kids.

Because she interested in art, she occasionally worked as a bridal make-up artist for nearby villages.
She used original colors inspired by the beautiful natural surroundings of her neighborhood.

In her 7th decade of life, she was so lonely and Nazi,her beloved cow, was her only friend.

In 1995 when she was 67 years old, her kids, who were concerned about Mother’s health, sold the cow without her permission.

Because of the loss of the Nazi, she started painting to heal herself; she painted on rocks and stones at first. When her son noticed her mother’s paintings, he brought papers and colors for her. when he came back to visit mother after a while, he was shocked because mother had run out of papers and painted the wall of the house.

Mokarrame’s paintings were noticed because, despite her incredible talent, she didn’t receive any education. And all works were born from a naive mind. she said once I wanted to tell stories, but because of lack of knowledge, I tried to tell my stories by paints.

In her last decade of life, she held many exhibitions in Seyhon art gallery Tehran, Stockholm, and Los Angeles.

“Mokarrameh – dreams and memories” is the name of a documentary regarding her life and works, directed by well-known Iranian director Ebrahim Mokhtari. It has been screened at several international festivals.

In 2001, she was awarded an honorary certificate at the Foundation of Iranian Women’s Studies Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, and was named the year’s exemplary woman.

In addition, she was named the “Female Painter of 2001” by the Swedish National Museum.

“The book of Mokarrameh” was written by Ebrahim Mokhtari published after her death.

Mother Mokarrameh passed away in 2005 when she was 77 years old; she was buried in her house yard.

Her house became a museum. Visitors from all around the world come to visit her paintings on the walls and see her stories:)

Mokarrameh museum now decided to mint some of her works as NFT for fundraising to repair and better care of the museum.